Reivew Vaio Z Flip (2 in 1) Class is forever


Reivew Vaio Z Flip (2 in 1) Previously referred to the Windows laptop luxury, the first name can not fail to mention is Vaio . But in recent years, this brand has been quiet, no longer appear in Vietnam market anymore. But in today’s posts there is the appearance of Vaio Z Flip , Vaio ‘s most advanced laptop .


For the first time in Vaio Z Flip’s hand , my feeling is that it is so powerful, powerful and extremely luxurious. Although no longer Sony’s VAIO still has its own raw material, not to be confused with all the current laptop.

The back is made of aluminum alloy, in the middle is a black line running long, it is true that it loses seamless but creates a great emphasis. This is also the hinge that you can rotate the screen flexibly.


To flip the screen you need to flick a little at the hinges. I hit this kind of flip screen, because it is much more versatile than traditional.

But to make such a good hinge would require a sturdy frame and the VAIO did a good job of it, with the back of it not just the aluminum alloy but also the carbon fiber composite frame.


Right behind the back is a large letter cut VAIO diamond in the lettering that makes it luxury and now more luxurious. On the back of the machine, there are two small feet to help prevent scratches on the aluminum frame and help the machine is raised slightly more to optimize the cool air flow into. Although only a small detail, it can be said that VAIO is very interested in users.
With regular laptops, they will be curvy or square, but the VAIO does not do it for the protruding forearms, when viewed at a cross-corner, we get a very thin feel. much.

Right edge Vaio Z Flip


Left edge of Vaio Z Flip


Keyboard and Touchpad

The Vaio Z Flip ‘s keyboard is fairly small in size, with a wide, moderate key stroke, solid foundation and no flex. Looking at, people will say that it is bad and difficult to type fast, it is quite early in the process I was quite difficult to type correctly, but after 3 days of use, the typing speed has been improved a lot and Equivalent to the set of keys that you are using every day.


The only disappointment that I am very much and also on the VAIO Z Flip is the touchpad. It is not smooth but slightly hissed. But what is the right size, around the diamond cut luxury.



Flip the screen up and we will have a screen size 14 inches, 2K resolution and have touch. The screen bezel is not as thin as the current trend but does not underestimate this as it helps when holding the machine to read the newspaper will not touch the screen. 

As far as display quality is concerned, it’s just as good as the XPS 13 9365 or the Lenovo Yoga 910. With the Spyder 5 Elite, I get 94% sRGB, 73% adobeRGB enough for entertainment and movie editing. Not overly professional, the 330 nits high brightness is comfortable to use in a complex light environment, including a touch screen.

I was happy that the VAIO Z Flip retained the same quality speaker system as Sony’s. Two loudspeakers are placed at the sides of the bottom for high volume, good sound and special bass reproduction, although no subwoofer is included. It seems the trend is out of quality sound systems on the ultrabook are gradually being popular carriers.
Configuration and Performance

Configuration is also worth mentioning when compared with the same segment of the VAIO Z Flip . If Yoga Vista or HP Specter x360 use i7-7500U power consumption of 15W power and integrated graphics card is HD620, the VAIO Z has i7-6567U power consumption of 28W power, integrated graphics is very powerful Iris 550. .


When I use the Cinbench R15 to test the processor power it is equivalent to the Kabylake i7-7500U. It seems that the amount of energy consumed by the difference is accrued to the integrated graphics card.
PC Mark 8 Home checks the performance of basic tasks daily, then there is no difference too much compared to the opponent. The true power of the VAIO Z Flip lies in the integrated Intel Iris 550 graphics card. With the 3D Mark Cloud Gate, it is much stronger compared to the HD620 on the i7-7500u and is equivalent to the Nvidia GT930m. 



With CS: GO set up in Medium and FullHD resolution, the average fps of up to 90, including crowded, bursting bombs, will not drop the frame below 60. Dota 2 also set. So, the average fps is 40, the big fight is down to 25 30, for those who are not too hard it is acceptable as this is not a high demand game frame.
Although the heat sink is reasonably designed, it is not enough to cool the 28W microprocessor. The average temperature that is generated during game play and bench mark is 78 degrees, fairly high but not exceeding 80. Quite especially the heat of the hardware is high, but the palm rest area is not completely hot, very cool. VAIO once again scored the finish quality.
Battery life
In the process of using most of the office tasks such as chrome, office and screen brightness 75%, the machine can stay on 6 hours onscreen. Very good although the processor used is high performance type.
After a few days of using the VAIO Z Flip , it is possible to comment perfectly from class design to everyday experience and turn-by-turn display in a special mechanism. It may be that its touchpad does not satisfy me, but thanks to the touch screen, I rarely touch the touchpad, except for high accuracy. The current price of the VAIO Z Flip at is 30 million, which is very reasonable for a perfect ultrabook.


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