Cách giới thiệu về bản thân


Một vài cách giới thiệu về bản thân mà các bạn có thể tham khảo tại đây:

Các phần cần giới thiệu:
1. Name- Age-Address: Tên- Tuổi- Địa chỉ
2. Your family- how many people?- What do they do? : Gia đình- Có bao người?- họ làm gì?
3. what do you do? what do you like? your personality : Bạn làm gì, bạn thích gì, tính cách bạn như nào.
4. What do you wish to achieve in the future – Why? : Bạn muốn đạt được gì trong tương lại, tại sao?
Bài viết mẫu:



My name is Duc, i’m Vietnamese. I’m twenty-two years old. I live in Ha Noi in the North of Viet Nam.
I have a big family of seven people. i have an elder brother, he is married and lives in his house next to mine. I would like to have a younger sister. My father is a farmer in our rice field. He has worked for 40 years in agriculture and he is the biggest power and movitation for me in life. My mother is an environmentalist in my village. She is very nice and kind, but she is not good at cooking. I love my family so much.
I am work in food and beverage service sector, i’m a waiter. I am a generous and easy-going person but when it comes to work, i will become a serious and hard-working person . I like learnning new skills to support my job. i am also a optimistic, outgoing and friendly person, so i have many friends and other social relationships. I like chatting, looking at women, shooting the shit, paper cuts, making video , travlling and cooking.
In five year from now, i want to become a Tour guide because i always fascinated by new lands, new people and diffrient cultures. I want to speak English fluently, so i work with people from diffrient countries.Thank you!
1.Cách giới thiệu để làm quen :
Can/May I introduce myself? – My name is …
I’m glad for this opportunity introduce myself. My name is …
I’d like to take a quick moment to introduce myself. My name is …
2.Cách giới thiệu về họ tên :
My first name is …
Please call me …
Everyone calls me…
3.Cách  giới thiệu về tuổi tác :
I’m 22= I’m 22years old.
I’m over 22.
I’m almost 22.
4.Cách giới thiệu về quê quán, nơi sinh sống :
I’m from Ha Noi .
I was born in Ha Noi ..
My hometown in Ha Noi .
 5.Cách  giới thiệu về nghề nghiệp :
I work as a ….
I’m in the …( ngành )
I earn my living as a …
6.Cách giới thiệu về sở thích và đam mê :
I’m very interested in…
I have a passion for …
My hobbies are…
7.Cách giới thiệu về tình trạng hôn nhân :
I’m not seeing/dating anyone 
I’m in a relationship .
I’m engage to be married next month 
8.Cách  giới thiệu về gia đình :
There are … of us in my family 
I don’t have any siblings. I would have liked a sister.
My grandparents are still alive 
i have a older brother and a younger sister.
9.Cách Đề nghị giữ liên lạc sau khi tự giới thiệu về bản thân :
Can I get/have your number? This way we can keep in touch.
Should I add you on Facebook?
What’s your number? I’d love to see you again.
10.Cách diễn tả cảm xúc khi tự giới thiệu về bản thân :
Nice/ Glad/ Please to meet you.
It’s a pleasure to meet you .
Good to know you.

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