Kể về bạn thân


Một vài câu hỏi để trả lời khi kể về bạn thân:

1. Do you have any( or many) close friends?
2. What do you do in your free time with your friends?
3. Where do you often meet with your friends?
4. Do you feel that you spend enough time with your friends?
5. How do you keep in contact with your friends?
6. Do your friends think that you are a good friend? why?

Dưới đây là bài viết mẫu các bạn có thể tham khảo qua, để trả lời 6 câu hỏi trên:

I think everybody has at least one close friend in her/his life, and so do i. I have two close friends : Quang and Thang. We share the same hometown, so we spend most of our time playing together. We often play games in local internet cafes, go to shopping centres , and we also spend our time chatting and drinking coffee.
We sometimes go to West lake and Hoan Kiem Lake, and walk in the Old Town. We really like drinking tea with ice on the walkside of Ha Noi. I really like two of my friends, as we meet five times a week. 
I have many ways to keep contact with my friends. Of couse the main way a lot of people talk about now is through social media, and we usually use the facebook to contact with each other. When we fail to use the internet, we use mobile phones.
My two close friends said that i was a good but stupid and crazy friend.They said so because i would support them without any remuneration. I usually ask them what they need and how they feel. Even when i can’t find answers to their questions, i keep listenning attentively to them.
And they are my close friend forever, they even are my brother.
                                                                Đức Am

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