How many people are in your family? who are they?


 How many people are in your family? who are they?

My Family 🙂
How many people are in your family? who are they?
There are 6 people in my family inlcuding me. My family members that live in my house hold are, Fadil (grandfather), Firdes (grandmother), Dashi (dad), Skenderije (mother), jeffrim (brother) and me
Do you have brothers or sisters? Talk about them.
I only have one younger brother. He is currently in year 9, he likes playing outdoor activities such as soccer and he is a really good soccer player.
How many grandparents do you have? How often do you see them?
I have 2 pairs grandparents. With my mums side i see them once a week (every Saturdays or Sundays). With my dads side both grandfather and grandmother live with us so i see them every hour of the day.
How do your parents earn a living?(what are their jobs) Talk about it.
My dad works for a law firm, he does all the paper works for court cases. My mum is a cleaner, she cleans offices in the city.
What does your family usually do on Sundays? Talk about it.
Every Sundays we go out visiting our family members in dandenong, and we end up getting take away for dinner.
Who is the oldest in your family? Who’s the youngest? Talk about them.
My grandfather is the oldest in the family. He might be old but he cant stop talking haha, he also takes care of our family dog. My brother is the youngest in the family, he likes caring for his future car, he cleans the SS once a week and he is into coaches.
Me when i was a baby! 🙂
How many cousins do you have? What do you do when you see them?
I have over 50 first cousins, when we see each other we chill , talk, laugh, and sometimes we go out together.
Do you have any great grandparents? If so how old are they?
No i don’t have any great grandparents alive.
Describe your family members. Describe looks (outside) and character (inside) – who do they look like?
Dad: He is tall., short hair and skinny. He is funny and likes telling jokes and he is an awesome dad.

Mum: Looks really young, she has brownish/blondish hair, looks like me and shes the best mum ever!

Jeffrim: Little chubby and short hair. He’s really funny and likes to prank and joke around a lot.
Does your family eat meals together? What else do you do together?
Yes we eat meals together. We also go out to dinner once a week as a family. We also go shopping and go visiting as a family. Most things we do we do as a family.
Who does the housework in your family? (cooking, cleaning, washing)
Monday to Friday my grandmother cleans and i cook for every night, Saturday and Sunday mum and i both clean, cook and do the washing. 
Are there any people living with you that are not part of your immediate family? If so who?

No there is no one living with us apart from my family.
Talk about the relative you like the most. Say what you like about him or her.
My most favourite cousin is Linda. she is 23 years old, she is like a sister to me. I can tell her everything and i can be open with her. She is an honest person. We practically do everything together.
Would you live with your parents after getting married? Why or why not?
No i will not live with my parents once i am married. I will be living with mu husbands parents. The girl never lives with her parents, its always the boy.
Are their any rules in your family? What are they? Are they fair?
Yes we do have rules in my family.
– No phones at the dinner table.
– Clean up after yourself.
– Respect your eldest at all times.
– Always be honest and tell the truth.
– Don’t swear.
Is family important to you? Explain why?
Yes family is important to me, because without our parents we wouldn’t be here and would not have what we have today. Family is about protecting one another and helping each other out, that’s really special and important to me.
Do you ever hold a family reunion. If so what happens there?
Yes we hold family reunions. One after eid. For eid we gather with our family and cousins and we make heaps of wog food and lots of sweets, we dance and eat all night long.

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