What kind of transport do you usually use?


1. What kind of transport do you usually use?
2. What are the benefits ( advantages) of using that form of transportation?
3. Why  do you choose that form of transport?
4. What the most common means of transport in your hometown?
5. How do you think the transport system  could be improved?

I don’t have a car or a motorbike, so i usually us public transport, you know, like buses. SOmetimes, i can travel by train or by airplane. As for social,  Using a bus encourages people to have a more active healthy lifestyle. Particularly, if they are walking or cycling to a station or a stop. Moreover, the buses helps reduce injuries and fatalities caused by car accidents. As for economic, traveling by bus is cheaper than owing and operating car. As for environmental, using public transport reduces pollution and road congestion ( the more people travel by train,tram, or bus, the fewer cars there will be on the road) and requires less land use for infastructure.
I choose to use a bus because it is cheap. Also, my house is close to a bus station, within a ten minutes walk. In addtion, i usually feel relaxed and peaceful when going by bus rather than riding by a motorbike. Moreover, i will have a more active healthy lifestyle if i am walking or cycling to stations or stops.

I guess people in my hometown usually ride motobikes to work or somewhere else because my hometown is a big town and it is very convenient to go out by motorbike. And, you can see very many motorbikes in rush hours.
I think the transport system in VietNam could be improved and this would take much time. We should improve the transport system little by little. First, easy to see, we should build more new roads and fix old roads. Also, there should be strict traffic rules and people should be educated how to praticipate in traffic. In fact, you can see in HaNoi, it’s building a skytrain road, and the most promising project for reducing city traffic is called Bus lanes, it means that buses would go on there own lanes. And, i think that the VietNamese Government will present different projects to improve the transport system.
Đức Am
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